DeKalb County, Georgia[edit | edit source]

This is an editable page concerning grassroots efforts in DeKalb County, Georgia. Please feel free to contribute.

Meetups in DeKalb County[edit | edit source]

DeKalb County Coordinator[edit | edit source]

DeKalb County District Coordinators[edit | edit source]


DeKalb County Precinct Captains[edit | edit source]

DeKalb County Organizations[edit | edit source]

DeKalb County Roll Call[edit | edit source]

List of dedicated Ron Paul supporters in DeKalb County, Georgia. Please feel free to add yourself. Be sure to include your email address and/or telephone number so you can be contacted!

  • Example: Name, Meetup, what your willing to do, etc...
  • Garrett Goebel, Meetup: none, Volunteer: distribute signs and literature
  • Ike Hall, Precinct JB, will serve as delegate
  • Josh McKelvey, DeKalb Co, Precinct PB, will serve as delegate, distribute signs
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